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Looking for clubs :)

PostPosted: Nov 26th, '18, 22:34
by Dan More
Hey guys, I recently moved to Sweden, I live in Vasterhaningie and I'm looking for some groups to play some games with...

I'll pretty much play anything, I have a healthy collection of boardgames as well as a massive x wing collection, I do have a 40k army but that's still in the uk...

I currently play boardgames at bishop's arms in gamla stan on a wednesday & X wing on a Thursday at Dragons Lair but looking for some people to play some heavier games with...

Any suggestions of groups, please let me know..

Re: Looking for clubs :)

PostPosted: Nov 27th, '18, 20:07
by JoakimS
We met at Smashcon this weekend, didn't we?
If you'd like to visit the Little Wars club I think we could have a game of something suitable, so you can see who we are and we can meet you a bit more.

Re: Looking for clubs :)

PostPosted: Nov 30th, '18, 23:01
by Dan More
Yes your right it was meee

Been checking out the blog, nice work where and when do you guys meet?

Re: Looking for clubs :)

PostPosted: Dec 7th, '18, 20:51
by JoakimS
The club is at Solberga, rather close to T-station Telefonplan and not to far from Älvsjö (there's a bus from Älvsjö stopping close by)
We have our own place - a gaming-room with 3 6x4 tables, toilet and small kitchen, with a meter or so of shelfing for each member.
Message me if you want more info, and we could have you over to see if the club is something for you.

Re: Looking for clubs :)

PostPosted: Dec 7th, '18, 20:58
by JoakimS
Oh, and as we have our own place, we meet whenever anyone wants a game. There are usually a game going a couple of evenings a week, and they are often open if you want a game.
We have closed tread, only for members, on the forum where we book tables and tell if the game is open for everyone or not (and they are usually open)

Games played are boardgames (Zombicide, Bloodrage, Conan, Shadows of Briomstone, Walking Dead etc), 40K, Pulp Alley, Fistful of Lead, What a Tanker, Chain of Command, Frostgrave, Pikeman's Lament, SAGA and much more.