Historiskt figurspelkonvent Köpenhamn 16-17 November 2013

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Historiskt figurspelkonvent Köpenhamn 16-17 November 2013

Postby Anatoli » Sep 12th, '13, 11:39

Saxat från min blogg:

This is a heads up for everyone living within travel distance of Copenhagen, Denmark. On November 16-17th there will be a great little historical wargame convention held at the Royal Armory in Copenhagen (http://www.thm.dk/) . This convention is solely and strictly focused on anything historical, so no zombies or fantasy stuff - but plenty of historical games of all flavors. It will be run by volunteers from a Danish wargame club, and other wargamers from the local area that are willing to put on demo games during the weekend.

I will be there running a demo game of By Fire & Sword, and I will also bring with me Winged Hussar posters (the same as you could get in the Kickstarter) and sample miniatures of the By Fire & Sword range which I have received from Wargamer.pl for these type of occasions. Anyone who shows up and plays a game of BF&S will receive a little gift. My friend Andreas will be there running SAGA. We will probably have at least 1-2 more guys from our club running games - though that is still to be decided but there is a possibility of a Flames of War and Bolt Action demo as well if they decided to join in.

This will be the first convention held at t he Danish museum, and though they are starting out small they hope that there will be enough games and visitors to make this an annual and growing convention. The really cool thing however is how the demo games are scheduled, there will be a number of tables and each demo game will be limited to a 3 hour slot. So there will be a lot of rotation on each table which means that visitors and those running demo games themselves will be able to catch a bunch of different games during both days of the convention.

The admission price is 100 Danish crowns for the whole weekend, and that covers the entry fee to the museum itself! That's a bargain if you ask me. And at this time the museum is having a exposition on Denmark's wars throughout history - so there is going to be a lot of cool stuff to look at for those taking a break from the wargaming!

Needless to say, I'm very enthusiastic about this convention. I have also been very envious of the Polish wargamers who play tournaments and demo games at the Royal Palace in Warsaw on events run by Wargamer.pl - as I think having such events in a historical environment makes it so much cooler and benefits both the museum and the wargamers. I actually contacted the Malmö museum about running a tournament of By Fire & Sword but didn't even get a reply.... As such I'm happy to see the Danish counterpart is much more open minded and reasonable. There really is a total lack of historical conventions or wargaming conventions where you can drop in and watch/try out new games here in southern Sweden. The only conventions around are focused on tournament play and have zero to offer for anyone else.

Anyway, I will post more information during the coming weeks leading up to the convention, until then here are the distilled facts and list of current games:

Where: Royal Armory in Copenhagen, Denmark
When: 16-17th November 2013 (10am-18pm Saturday, 10am-16pm Sunday)
Cost: 100 Danish crowns for both days and includes entry fee to the museum itself

Games to expect (list will be updated/expanded in future posts):

Chain of Command 15mm WWII Normandy
Chain of Command 20mm WWII 1940
Heart of Oak Napoleonic Naval
General Quarters WWI Naval
DBM Battly of Lyr-Wood Hede Sept 1043
Zulu Battle using Sword and the Flame
Seven Years War 10mm using Black Powder
Afghanistan Force on Force
WWII Arnhem Panzer Grenadier
By Fire and Sword (Swedes vs Danes and their Polish allies, war of 1658-60)
Saga Vikings vrs Normans
American Civil War Murfreesboro Dec 1862 using Mr Lincolns War
Napoleonic’s From Valmy to Waterloo 1809 battle
Napoleonic’s From Valmy to Waterloo Viemero
Napoleonic’s Tricolor 15mm Battle description to come
In Cloads of Glory WWI Air combat
Check your Six, B17s over Germany!

So please drop by if you have the chance, you won't regret it.
The Danish wargaming club who runs this event are working to get English information up on their site ASAP (http://www.dffcon.dk/index.php?page=nyheder) . I will of course update any news about this convention on my blog as well under the "Conventions & Gamedays" category (http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/sea ... 20gamedays).
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Re: Historiskt figurspelkonvent Köpenhamn 16-17 November 201

Postby Nils » Sep 12th, '13, 19:53

Kul! Tack för infon!
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Re: Historiskt figurspelkonvent Köpenhamn 16-17 November 201

Postby Anatoli » Sep 12th, '13, 21:09

Säg till ifall någon av er från forumet har vägarna förbi, vore trevligt :)
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