General 40k missions

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General 40k missions

Postby Kreufeldt » Jul 6th, '13, 20:26

Mission Order of Operations:
1. Roll for deployment type
2. Roll for scenario (see below)
3. Roll for primary mission
4. Roll for Warlord Traits, generate Psychic powers and make any other setup rolls (i.e. Dark Eldar combat drugs)
5. Roll for Night Fighting.
6. Roll for Sides. The player rolling highest chooses their deployment zone (but does not yet deploy their army, as normal) and deploys any Fortifications. The player going second then does the same.
7. Place objectives, with the player that chose their deployment zone first, placing the first objective. This can be any of their objectives. The Relic automatically goes in the middle and is placed before any other objectives.
8. Roll for first turn as normal, following book guidelines for deploying forces, reserves, Seize the Iniative, etc.

Each scenario is built using two book missions played simultaneously with all 3 book bonus points.

Scenario 1: Emperor’s Will and Crusade. There are always 3 Crusade Objectives placed outside of either player’s deployment zone. Emperor’s Will objectives are placed in each player’s own deployment zone.

Scenario 2: The Scouring and Purge the Alien. There are always 6 objectives for The Scouring, 2 of which must always go outside either player’s deployment zone. See scenario guidelines below for more information.

Scenario 3: The Relic and Big Guns Never Tire. There are always 4 objectives for Big Guns Never Tire. See scenario guidelines.

Each mission is distinct, for example, Heavy Support units in Big Guns Never Tire can not take the Relic.
Winning one mission earns that player its points. If a mission is tied, neither player earns the points.
Any bonus points earned via Warlord traits, etc. apply to the primary mission only. For example, if your Warlord becomes a scoring unit, that will only apply to the primary mission.

Scenario guidelines:
The Scouring
Each player places 2 objectives in their opponent’s deployment zone and 1 outside of either player’s deployment zone following normal objective placement rules (6 total on the board for the Scouring). Each player has a 1, 2, and 3 point objective, which are revealed just before the role to seize the initiative as normal. You will end up with 2 objectives in no man’s land, and 2 in each deployment zone. Destroying fast attack choices counts for points to this mission.

Big Guns Never Tire
Each player places 2 objectives, one in their own deployment zone, the other in their opponent’s following normal objective placement rules (4 total for this objective on the table). You will end up with 2 in each deployment zone. Destroying Heavy Support choices counts for points to this mission.

Victory Points:
Primary mission is worth 4 Victory Points
Secondary Mission is worth 3 Victory Points
Line Breaker is worth 1 Victory Point
First blood is worth 1 Victory Point
Slay the warlord is worth 1 Victory Point

Additional victory points (i.e. killing a Tau Etheral) goes towards calculationg the winner of the primary mission.

Games are played with 1500 points armies, if nothing else has been decided beforehand.
All Fortifications are allowed. If you are placing a large Fortification that would displace a piece of terrain already on the board, simply remove it.
Mysterious objectives is not used.
Mysterious Terrain is not used.
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