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Lincon 2016

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30k Sweden Presents:
The Lincon Heresy

Venue: Linköpings Universitet, C-huset

Dates: 7 May 2016

Ticket Cost: Convention Entry only, see

Purchasing Tickets:

Awards: Best Loyalist, Best Traitor, Best Sport, Best Painted and The Cursed One

Army Selection: 2500 points

List Submission:

Army Registrations for the Campaign:

Format: 3 Games of Horus Heresy with table specific missions

· Registration 08:30 – 09:15
· Game One 09:30 – 12:00
· Lunch 12:00 – 13:00
· Game Two 13:00 – 15:30
· Army Parade 15:30 – 16:00
· Game Three 16:00 – 18:30
· Results 18:30 – 19:00

Army Selection
Armies may be chosen from any official Horus Heresy publication up to a value of 2500 points, this will include army lists from Warhammer 40 000 Codex Chaos Daemons. All the official FAQs and Errata are to be used (though not experimental rules) –they are available here:
All armies will use the rules for the battles in the ages of darkness Warhammer 40,000 expansion (found at page 159 – 160 in Book V Tempest).
Using either the ‘Battles in the Age of Darkness’, ‘Onslaught’ or the ‘Castellan’ Force Organisation Chart.
Note this means that the Combined Arms detachments and Unbound army from the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook will not be used. Allies detachments may only be taken if they are chosen from a different army list than the primary detachment.
This list will be reviewed as new rules are released but will be locked in a month from the event date

Army List Submission

Army lists need to be submitted by no later than: 22 April 2016 at 23:59.

Lists need to be submitted in the correct format to

FAQs and Errata:
As stated in the Army Selection segment the official Forge World documents will be in use. Any issues that occur and have no answer will be treated with a ‘most logical’ approach. Please note that only FW classifications listed in these official forms will be accepted.
At the end of this document there will be a summary of all rulings FAQs that has come to the Organisers attention.
If there are any changes they will be confirmed 2 weeks before army list submission date and published on the Facebook event page, 30K Sweden Facebook page and the Lincon 2016 Facebook page.

The Lincon Heresy consists of 3 games; the time limit for games will be 2.5 hours. The scenarios will be table specific and a copy of each scenario will be provided at the event. They will also be published on the 30K Sweden Facebook page and the Lincon 2016 Facebook page. Also the event will be linked to a Campaign that is running on the

All Battles will be logged as part of the Lincon Heresy Campaign on ... con_Heresy Players are encourage to register their armies on and if any assistance is required to do so please contact the event organisera. There will also be brief instructions summery at the end of this document to help guide people in how to lodge battle and skirmish reports for the campaign.

All battles are taking place in the Lincon System of Australis UIltima Sector with each table representing a strategic point on one of the planets in the system. Prior to the event people will be able to lodge battle reports using the site influencing their factions control over the various planets. This influence will effect in game rules in the scenarios, granting a bonus to the controlling faction. Whatever faction is controlling a table will be indicated by a token depicting either the Eye of Horus for the Traitors or the Imperial Eagle for the Loyalists. Initial control setup will be determined by that first phase with following games the faction winning on that table will determine who is in control.

More details about how this works will be presented during the registration process. Important to remember however is that after each game players need to make sure that the token is flipped to the correct side to indicate which faction won that game on the table so that the next pair playing on it knows which faction is in control of the table. In case of a draw, whoever controlled the table at the beginning of the game remains in control.

The winner of each game will receive 3 Tournament points (TPs)
If the game is a draw then both players will receive 1 TPs
The loser will score 0 TP
Lincon Heresy will be using a swiss style pairing system based on TPs matching Traitors versus Loyalists.

The event will be allowing grudges in the first round, this means that two people can arrange to play each other rather than waiting for the random draw, both players need to contact the organiser to confirm this is the case.

If you are attending the event with a few of your regular opponents then you can be kept apart from each other for the first round to allow you to play more new people. For this to happen you must indicate on your army list that you are part of a gaming group, if you don’t have a group name make a suitable one up.

Rules queries should first be looked up in the relevant books between the players in that game, if it is still unclear then a judge should be called to the table. If a judge is called to a table players will be asked to explain the situation and can give information to aid the decision but once made any decision is final.

In addition please take a few minutes to go through your army with your opponent; this is especially important if you have nonstandard models.

Painting and Army Display
All models used at the Lincon heresy must be painted and based in an appropriate manner. This means that a nonstandard colour scheme is perfectly acceptable, undercoating a whole marine white and colour washing a few panels of armour and the gun in the same way is not, this is in no way related to the quality of painting. Any models not deemed up to standard will be removed from the table and will count as dead for gaming purposes.

Proxies are not allowed, alternative miniatures/conversions are allowed and the weapons written on the army list must be represented (holsters can hold any pistol) with the exception of grenades. For models that come equipped as standard with Bolt Pistols as well as a larger gun there is no need to model these Bolt Pistols, basic Close Combat Weapons are assumed to be carried by every model without the need be shown on said model. Any specialist weapon must be modeled. In essence this means that the model you are using to represent another model must be appropriate and distinguishable as the gaming piece. The aim is to allow freedom in the ‘hobby’ while maintaining a level of immersion and to avoid any negative effects on game play.

If you have any models which you are worried about in terms of this then feel free to email and a decision will be made and/or advice given.

Each army will be judged on painting by their fellow players and a vote will be held to nominate which Army is the Best Painted. An Army parade will be held after the second game where players can display their armies and vote.

Every player attending the Lincon Heresy is expected to maintain a level of sporting behaviour but to recognise those who go above and beyond players will be asked to vote on their top 2 best sporting opponents in order. These votes will be tallied with 3 points going to the 1st player and 1 to the 2nd, whoever scores highest will win the Best Sports award.

Objective Markers
Players are required to bring 3 objective markers to Lincon for use in some scenarios; these can be based on 25mm or 32mm round bases.

What you will need to bring
• Your models!
• All the rules you need to play your army and the relevant FAQs.
• 3 Objective markers
• Dice, Tape Measure and Templates
• Copies of your army list – one to hand in to the TO and others to show your opponents.

Players pack

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