WWI Naval skirmish

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WWI Naval skirmish

Postby Nils » Jun 11th, '15, 14:02

Me and Soren played a small game of WWI naval combat. The rules were Naval Thunder for the WWI period.

It featured only five ships as it was my first game with these rules. The scenario was a fictious one. The background was that some ships from the German Hochsee flotte had slipped away and decided to bombard a small french harbor. Its only defense was a old pre dreadnought, the Jaureguiberry. The two german ships were Derfflinger and Moltke. Help was coming though as HMS Lion and HMS Indefatigable was on the way.

The scenario started with the Germans coming in from the east and the french ship from the west. The brits would enter on turn fourth from the north.



French ship down to the left, Germans on the right and british from the top.

The french captain, a bitter old man half drunk on red wine immediately steered towards the germans. No "Boche" would shell his motherland. His ship might be old and he no longer fit to command a modern warship but there was nothing wrong with his fighting spirit. On maximum range he opened fire, and missed...

Soon the the British ships arrived. These were no old ships but modern ships with good guns. The Germans immediately steered towards the british as the french was judged as a no threat.

Soon shells started to fly and the British scored the first hits but with no effect. The French still charged and even managed to score a hit, but old pre dreadnought guns were no match for Krupp steel and nothing happened.

The British scored hit after hit but caused no serious damage. Finally though Indefatigable scored a hit on Derfflinger and knocked out a main turret. The Derfflinger returned the favour though and put some serious hurt on indefatigable, flooding it and knocking out a main turret.

A poor photo of the brave Frenchman!

Both sides knew that although brave the French battleship was a non threat. it was well armoured but slow and its guns did not have "Oompfh" to damage the German ships. So the Germans did not waste ammo on it. Instead they and the British were duking it out.

In the beginning the Brits scored the hits but caused no damage, but finally started to hurt the Germans. The Germans on the other hand started slow but very quickly got good hits. Indefatigable lost turrets, started to flood and had fires burning. HMS Lion was in better shape but all in all it looked grim for the British.

The Germans were taking damage but gave better than they got. Finally Indefatigable could take no more and slipped beneath the waves. HMS Lion was now, more or less, alone. Derfflinger was damaged and so was Moltke but they were two against one. Jauregiberry closed the distance but her guns were not powerful enought to hurt the Germans. She was brave but sometimes bravery isnt enough.

"Unum Sed leonem", "One but a lion"

HMS Lion decided to concentrate on Moltke as she was more damaged than Derfflinger. Now luck played a little part. The Germans suddenly lost all skill in hitting its opponent. Salvo after Salvo from Lion struck home on Moltke while the German counterfire was ineffective. Moltke could take no more and also sank.

HMS Lion was on fire, half flooded and with mainguns knocked out but still fought. Derfflinger took a serious hit and started to flood and list. Another salvo hit home and the list got worse and she keeled over and sank!

Victory to the Lion!


The combatants, like two heavy weight boxers standing still and trading punches.

A nice tense game, luck swung both ways but finally Britannia ruled the waves.

It quickly showed way the old pre dreadnoughts were "pre". Although Jaureguiberry tried it could not do much to influence the game. It had too few guns and the guns did not have the penetrative power to threaten the Germans. Jaureguiberry was heavily armoured and with lots of hull points, so it would have been tough to sink but as it could not dish it out it was of no consequence.

The British ships could certainly dish it out but were not so good at taking it. Fairly weak armor and not many hull points. The Germans were of a better mix. What defeated the Germans were actually a mix of a bit of bad luck and a poor british ability to score critical hits in the beginning of the engagement. The Brits scored a number of hits early on but did not cause much damage. The die rolls that made Derfflinger suffer two "severe list" in the end was a bit unlucky.
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