Recension av Warbases fordon

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Recension av Warbases fordon

Postby Nils » Jun 12th, '15, 08:42

A few pictures and text about Warbases WWI, SCW vehicles.

When I found out that Warbases hade expanded into the "wargaming vehicle business" and browsed their range I knew I had to buy a few. Price is cheap so that makes it possible to buy more than one.

Fit is excellent, all pieces go together very well so the model is "tight" no loose parts. This makes the kits easy to assemble as they are structurally tight. Some woodglue or general purpose glue and the models go together in a half hour or more depending on the size of the model. The tank takes a bit longer.

Detailing is, of course, not so good compared to resin models. If you want to it is easy to add on some details from plastic sprues and such. For me the low price more than makes up for the low level of detailing. It is possible to buy models just to have a good looking gaming table!

Yes, I put the cowling on backwards on one of the trucks...

The tanks have some extra detailing added.


Two of the tanks are done, one still waits for some dry brush and dirt added. the trucks are built but need paint and a little detailing.
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